Who are we?

Matthew Barnhart and Amber James

    When you ask to define photography, the textbook definition is the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. But what it doesn't define, is the creativity it takes to become successful. Why? Because there is no true definition of creativity, you create it, and we take it to a whole new level. A level above.

    At AMP Shots Media, our success is your success. Our goals are your dreams. When our lens is behind a project, we aim for nothing but the highest level of achievement, no matter if its relating to photography or cinematography. With expertise in both photography and cinematography, we have the knowledge and resources to guarantee your visions become reality. As you meet the photographers below and see the companies who we have worked with so far, you will see why AMP Shots Media isn't just another media company, we are a level above the rest.


Amber James is an aspiring photographer and also co owner of AMP Shots Media. Having prior experience in photography, Ambers expertise in portraits, real estate and also knowledge in graphic design allows her creativity to come to life.


Matthew Barnhart is a rising artist with skills in both photography in cinematography. Also co-owner, his background consists of prior work with photography as well as cinematography.

Who we work with

Below you will find some of the many companies that have signed us to work with them invloving projects related to their line of work, or needed our services to further their own dreams. Want your name on this list? Visit our contact page to reach us and set up your next booking.