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Why choose a photography company? Maybe for those senior photos, or that annual family vacation. It’s even better when the company also includes a line of video work in their talent list, a one-stop shop for all your media needs. At AMP, we aim to provide the best media experience for you. But it just doesn’t stop at the image, or at the film reel. oh no, we care about our family more than just making a buck. That’s right, we said family!

When you book with AMP Shots Media, you’re booking a long lasting relationship. So why should that mean that after the shoot ends, the party stops? Well, it doesn’t. Now, you’re favorite media company is now also your favorite monthly newsletter. And soon to come, your favorite rewards program. But for now, let’s focus on that newsletter.

Starting January, AMP will be sending out a monthly newsletter. Why? We think you should know everything that’s up coming with us, and not be left in the dark. We are always looking to jump leaps and bounds for our clients, our family members. So we wanted to personalize your relationship with us that much more. Within the newsletter, you’ll find promotional events, new happenings within AMP Shots, as well as maybe some perks and promotional content. Now who doesn’t like perks right?

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