The Heat Of a Culture- Miami

 Where can you go to eat Lebanese food, listen to Wisen y Yandel (some of the bestSpanish Musicians today), sit next to a German couple, and be served by a man who is fluent in more than two languages? Well, since you weren't with me, please take a moment to join me on my adventures in the great, and notorious, city of Miami.   

   It was already 4:00pm and I had just finished work; Amber walked in only minutes later and the packing began. We quickly rummaged through our clothing, and other belongings, calling out the typical “babe did you pack...”. We finally had our bags packed, cats in the crate, and we were on our way to her parents house to drop off the kitties. Once the furry kids were settled, we took off for Miami. We played madlibs, jammed out to music, and got a cute picture from the bungeed camera in the back seat. Time went by so fast that it was 7:00pm and we had arrived at my brothers house already. 


    We put our weekend essentials inside the house, and went out for dinner at a local Lebanese restaurant; I had chickenshawarma, that was delicious, and Amber had beef Shawarma. After dinner, we picked up some beer, went back to the house, and played video games and cards until late in the night.  



Saturday morning,  we wake up, visit McDonalds, and then head to The Kampong botanical gardens; this took up most of our morning. The Kampong was an amazing experience; it had fruit bearing trees, flowering lilies, lush bushes, and was mixed with native and nonnative trees that hung canopies over the cement pathways we walked. Being that the garden is a national park I wasn't able to put the drone overhead the area, but walking through the trees andflowers was inspiring.


 However, the afternoon consisted of attempts to find boba tea truck, and then backtracking to The Kampong where I had accidentally forgotten my brothers shoes after changing in the car. During the long drive throughout the city, one of the places we explored was Calle Ocho; I had been many times before, but only driving through. Seeing the streets lined with people playing dominoes, and the smell of Cuban coffee and cigars clouding the air, described the common sights and smells you are always told about. Color is a key factor of the vivid life lived in the streets; you can't help but notice the art behind the blues, reds, and other vibrant colors in the graffitied walls. The majority of driving was done on highways; ifyou aren't thinking three turns ahead you are going slow. Nonetheless, it's a sight to be seen when traveling amongst the skyscrapers and commercial buildings. Walking these streets, and hearing the music of reggaeton, and mariachi, fully encompasses the setting of this amazing city.  Afterwards, we headed towards home, with a quick stop to pick up pizza and Cards Against Humanity accompanying us. After three eventful hours of Cards Against Humanity, it was time to rest; in the morning we would drive to downtown Miami to take to the skies with the drone.


    It's 8:43 in the morning, so it's time to get up and head down to Miami. We hopped into the car, playing Pitbull, along with other Latin music artists, to setthe mood of the modern Spanish city. We arrive downtown, and instantly fall in love with the skyline that is ever so photogenic. Three left turns, a couple right turns, and straight down to the water we arrived at our first location. Blades on, remote's ready, I took off to the sky, the shipyard and main channel in view. Jet skis, boats and yachts pass through as I try to get the best photos at about 400 feet up. We were about nine miles away from the airport so I took advantage of the beautiful sky scrapers and modernistic architecture. After snapping maybe five or six photos I land, and we venture down a little farther to a spot where buildings lined the channel and boats with dancing men and women came out one by one excited to speed across the channel. For one last time, I got in the air and shot straight down the channel. Since purchasing the drone, Miami has been a location I have been wanting to take photographs of in the air; I am so happy I got to share them with you! 


    It was an amazing weekend to say the least; many laughs, a lot of knowledge gained, and great food made for a relaxing weekend. With drone footage, and other photos by my Canon 70d, I'm happy we made it over to Miami and got to explore. Miami is a city that will take you in with open arms and an open invitation to her abundance of color. I highly recommend you take a step out of your comfort zone to experience the true value the 305 has to offer. Serving as home for many generations, each time you visit the city, a new experience and memory will be created, and you will be lost in the wonder of it all.

Thanks for traveling with me see you on my next adventure!

  • Matt Barnhart