At last: Quality meets affordability!

At AMP, we understand the need for affordable prices, but that shouldn't mean you only get "affordable" quality. You deserve quality that represents the true moment captured in your shoot.


When you shoot with us, we're apart of your family, too.

Family photos are meant to be cherished and prized for years to come. They also shouldn't need a yearly lease payment to afford them, we get it. With AMP Shots, our creativity  matched with our five-star customer service will create moments that although only took a couple hours to create, but will last a lifetime.  

New addition to the family? Lets remember it like it happened yesterday.

If you are lucky to be blessed with the gift of a child, we want to be lucky enough to help you preserve those first few moments. The addition of a newborn is life greatest moments, and we want to make sure the photos you receive are the greatest of those moments. One more at the dinner table? Welcome home.


We don't mind third-wheeling on your date for a couple hours...seriously, its fine.

“ Where there is love there is life". No matter the location, no matter the time of day, or event, we guarantee you will be blown away when you look back at that special date on the beach. Or that moment when she says " I do".